This is a small demo of implementing a Call/Return and Goto style interface in a single window. I find I like this style because it's not cluttered and helps focus on the task being done.

Call/return can be used for things like drilling in or navigating from outer menus to inner menus.

Goto is useful for things like wizards or multi-panel input screens.

The basics of using this are:

  • Create a window dialog
  • Create a container dialog in the window dialog
  • Create a view manager that uses the container
  • When the dialog size changes, resize the container if desired
  • When the container size changes, call viewManager.OnResize()
  • Use the view manager's GotoView, CallView, ReturnView to navigate views
While Power Basic doesn't have any built-in user controls, this comes very close and addsan easy to use method of management.