Some direct 2d examples, all of these use José Roca's include files.

  • TestD2D contains an initial test of getting Direct2D working with PowerBASIC.
  • Chart contains two hit tested pie charts.
  • Chart2 contains various chart examples, gear, LCD7, LCD16, Led5x7 Max, Needle, Pie, Pill, Puzzle, Arc Reticle, Linear Reticle, Rounded and start tests. It's an older version.
  • Chart3 contains alignment, a chart test, xy grid, figures, paths, paths, text, and various tests for figures, geometries, paths, and collections of paths.
  • Chart4 contains Alignment, chart, chart grid, figures, paths, path collections and text tests. The indepent include files have been merged into one. Most of the known issues have been resolved in this version. When executing a test note that each test contains many sub tests and some of those include multiple options for expiermentation.
  • ConvertSvg converts svg strings to code with a normlized direct2d path.