This is a small PowerBasic utility I use daily. It can Format source code for posting onthe PowerBasic forums, Create a skelton class or interface, put a GUID on the clipboard, write PowerBasic declaration headers from source, write the skeleton of a new SDK styleapp, write the skeleton for an SDK window, or write the skeleton for a new child window.

When writing a new class properties take the format of: name:type(). name is the name of the property, type is the type of the property, if ommitted a String is assumed.() means the property uses an index accessor. Properties are a csv list for example:Width:Long(),Height:Long(),Name,Render:iRender

The previous definition will create 4 properties, width and height will use an indexto access a "property set" and will be of type Long, Name will be a string property, render will be a render of interface type iRender.

Properties are read/write by default. Prefix them with [ to make a read-only property, ] to make a write only property, and . to make the setter only update the value if it changed.

For the new application, fill-in appropriate values and select any desired functionalityfrom the list.